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Tania's Authentic Cuban Espresso

Prep Time:

2 Minutes

Cook Time:

10 Minutes


4 - 6

About the Recipe

Coach's Wife Life Podcast Guest Tania Pecoraro shares her famous espresso!!!


Espresso Maker

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee


5 - 6 TBS Sugar (white sugar only)

Milk (if desired)


Step 1:

Remove funnel from base. Fill water into the base up to the marker line inside the espresso maker. Replace the funnel into the base and fill it with ground coffee. Do not overfill it. 

Step 2: 

Tighten the top to the base. Make sure the top is completely screwed on to the base before putting on the stovetop. Place on high. 

Step 3: 

Pour 5-6 TBS of sugar into a Pyrex measuring cup. Watch the coffee to wait for the first few drops of the brew coming out. Pour a little bit of freshly brewed espresso into the measuring cup. Stir well. If you can see sugar, add just a little bit more to make a paste. Be careful not to add too much, but make sure it completely turns brown. Keep mixing it until you reach a paste consistency. Put the espresso maker back on the stove. 

Step 4:

Keep mixing and whipping, until it’s a smooth paste. As soon as the coffee gets to the top of the espresso maker, you can turn it off. Pour the brewed espresso into the Pyrex. Stir. The froth should rise to the top. There are two ways to enjoy it. You can enjoy it straight up by pouring into a tiny coffee shot mug. Secondly, you can make it into a café con leche. Take a regular sized coffee mug, pour in milk and heat well. Pour a little espresso on top!

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